This drawing was inspired by my niece, Rosa. A little girl who loves nature.

We stayed at their house last summer in England, and she was to be found at all times in the garden. Wearing the prettiest of floral dresses, her cheeks rosy, her honey coloured hair wild about her face, and a chicken or two tucked under her arm, and some kind of creature tucked into her pocket. She loves nature of all kind. I remember one day as we explored an ancient crumbling castle, her sister and my little boy were off climbing castle walls, and she was searching on her hands and knees in the rock crevices, looking for unusual things. She came upon a (surprising beautiful) snail, that she named Colin, and proceeded to carry around with her for the rest of the day, stroking him.

The forecast here in Melbourne is for 40 degrees tomorrow. It’s going to be hot!!

And I’ll be dreaming of snow….


Rebecca _Jones_ dreaming-of-snow

Despite the fact that Christmas is my most favourite time of the year, there hasn’t been too much Christmas decorating happening in my house…

We’ve been doing a bit of renovating, so there wasn’t much point in putting up the tree, or making a gingerbread house, just to have it all pushed to one side and covered in dust! But the renovating is finally all finished (For now anyway…) so this weekend there will be a flurry of activity! There is a tree to put up and decorate, a letter to Santa for my little boy to write, a gingerbread house to bake, and Christmas presents to start making, all whilst listening to some kind of tragically bad Christmas CD.

And I can’t wait!