It’s been a weekend of drawing non stop for me, and I’ve loved it!

After we got our first assignment for Bootcamp, I was away on holiday with my family. I only managed to do a few pages of pretty rough sketches. I then didn’t pick it up again until Saturday morning! I started off in a bit of a panic,  there are some many ways to interpret cuckoo clocks. I’d done sketches filled with animals and birds, and also sketches with a more folky feel. I decided to go down the folky path, and incorporate parts of my goat farmer that I drew last week. And here she is…


Lilla also challenged us to try a different colour palette. And I think it is about time I used some new colours! I am totally addicted to using all shades of aqua and mint. Every colours seems to sit so well with aqua, that I find it almost impossible to do a design without it! So this really was a challenge for me. But I was pretty happy with how this colour way turned out.



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