Phew! The first week is over. I has so little time this week to dedicate to this, with school holidays beginning, my husbands birthday celebrations and other work that I had on.

Luckily Lilla always splits the assignments up into manageable parts, otherwise I would have been panicking. The weeks theme was gingerbread. And our assignment was to design a Christmas card featuring gingerbread and other Christmassy things.

I love Christmas and I love gingerbread houses, my little boy and I make and decorate one every year. Though when a 5 year old takes charge with hands full of icing and sweeties, the end result is never quite as pretty as I envisage! But I had a bit of fun putting this together this week. I made sure to include all the things we traditionally  have on our house –  gumdrops, candy canes, chocolate freckles ( I think thats an Australian term for chocolate buttons covered in hundreds and thousands) and we always have a deer in our iced garden.

The  squirrel just scampered onto the roof whilst I wasn’t looking.

Rebecca Jones-Magical Christmas


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