So here is the piece I submitted for the MATS Bootcamp Jelly assignment. We had to design something that could be used as fabric, with some co-ordinating designs if we wanted.

Hopefully it incapsulates the joyful feelings I associate with jelly. Of parties and celebrations. Those magical playful moments of childhood. And there is a little bit of silliness there too of course. Jelly heads on plates and all.

Included in this piece are all the things I  loved as a child.  Many of my childhood memories are vague and hazy, I don’t remember a lot of things. But if you were to ask me how the wallpaper, the curtains  or the carpet looked, or the plates and crockery my mum had – I can describe them in great detail!  And I distinctly remember the pretty floral cupcake cases my mum used buy. So I drew them here, along with her vintage plates and the glass jelly mould that belonged to my grandmother. The fruit my mum would always pop into the jelly, that I thought was so sophisticated. And of course the ice cream and sprinkles  that always accompanied it at any party. In hindsight I realise I should have include drawings of pineapple and cheese on sticks too – but I’m not sure anyone outside of England would understand that!

I had a lot of fun creating this piece, and I hope it shows through.







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