This week was all about Scrapbooking! I have not really done any scrapbooking before, so this market is a little bit of a mystery to me. But as usual Lilla guided us through with tons of inspiration and tips on how the market works.

We had to draw vintage ink bottles and pens, and everything else was up to us. So I went with the theme of  a summer romance – love letters and letter boxes, stamps and some of those Love Hearts sweets that I used to adore so much when I was little. And there is also a little bird that works for the postal service, delivering some letters too. I did manage to have a bit of fun doing this assignment!

What I love so much about MATS is that it pushes and stretches you to do stuff that you would never think to do on your own. Sometimes when I see the weeks theme, it disappoints me. I think that I don’t really feel like drawing that stuff that week, or that it doesn’t really inspire me. But then when I start, I try to think about it from an angle that could interest me, I realise that there are lots of different ways to approach any theme. It just needs you to start drawing. I have found that just to keep on drawing as much as you can think of is the answer for me!

That and plenty of cups of tea and chocolate. Oh yes, there was a lot of that this weekend!


  1. Lucy says:

    Hi Rebecca, I’ve just come across your blog and it’s fabulous! It’s so lovely to see your own personal work (rather than just the commercial designs I saw you create). Your style is really lovely and all your illustrations and creations for your course are just beautiful. I hope life is treating you well – you certainly seem to be busy! Lucy 🙂

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