There has been a bit of a shaky start to summer this year. The odd super hot day, followed by days of wintery type weather. But the sun seems to have finally put it’s hat on! We’ve had a lovely weekend of sunshine and trips to the country. Eating summer fruits, feeding animals at the local childrens farm, swimming and feasting on ice creams. And much excitement was caused when a cockatoo decided to take up residence on our road, right in the city. Squawking as the sun sets each evening. They are seen all over the countryside, but very rarely in town. It delighted us all, and so he had to make his way into a summer inspired illustration…

Ice-creamgirl ice-cream-girl-mint

Two summery colourways, not sure which is my favourite?

  1. Jane jones says:

    I LOVE these beautiful illustrations – absolutely charming-the pastel coloured one is my personal favourite as it is so summery!! Xx

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